Gibson Dining Table

  • Crafted from 2” thick Solid Hard Maple, this sleek and modern-style dining table can comfortably seat 12 guests, with the ability to accommodate up to 14 on special occasions. The extra-wide width of 53” allows 2 guests to dine side-by-side at either end of the table.
  • This piece was a collaborative design effort by the homeowner and CZ Woodworking, and was created to match the “Feng Shui” of the existing cabinetry in this beautiful Annapolis, MD home. A simple, yet elegant pedestal allows for functional seating 360* around the table and was forged from ¼” solid steel.
  • The finish on the tabletop was custom fabricated to incorporate the richness of “Espresso” and the warmth of “Java” color tones. A very beautiful table that will last for generations to come.
  • Dimensions 53” W x 111” L x 31” H