Chris_Zumpano_Family_CZ_WoodworkingChris Zumpano has been captivated by woodworking and craftsmanship since he was a young boy. The ability to create and build with your own bare hands has always intrigued him. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, he saw this ability in both of his grandfathers, Sinibaldo and Henry (a shoemaker and a carpenter by trade), and knew that his life passion was to work with his hands. Although Chris originally spent many years pursuing a different career in hospitality, his wife, Amy, finally convinced him to be true to his roots, start his own artisan workshop, and fulfill his dream.

Custom woodworking is an exciting process, but it is also one that can be foreign to most. This is why Chris takes a one-on-one approach with his clients and strives to obtain a genuine notion of everyone he works with, keeping them well informed throughout the creative process. This relaxed yet professional style facilitates Chris to bringing his clients’ visions to reality.

Chris loves the creative process of taking rough lumber and raw material, and turning it into something truly custom and unique. Whether it be a handcrafted farmhouse table, a built-in bookcase, a rustic wood countertop, or custom cabinetry…the result is the same: Raw Material + A Little Love & Creativity = Endless Possibilities. Chris works on each handcrafted piece from start to finish; from the initial consultation, to the design, to construction and final installation and placement in your home or business. He is there every step of the way.

Today, after many years of honing his trade, Chris has established himself as one of the premier woodworkers in the region. A local craftsman who not only prides himself on stellar customer service but also on the unique creativity and quality of his work. His pieces are built to last.

Please feel free to contact Chris directly with inquiries and ideas. Chris is always open to new concepts and would love to create something truly unique and beautiful for your home or business.

Thank you!

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