CZ Woodworking is an artisan wood shop that provides handcrafted, custom-made furniture, built-ins and all other aspects of fine woodworking to the local community. Each piece is handcrafted from an original design and built with the highest quality materials in our shop. The use of traditional woodworking techniques assures that the structural integrity of our product is both durable and strong; creating custom pieces that will last for years to come.

Form and Functionality

Each custom piece is handcrafted with attention to form and functionality. A symbiotic relationship and necessary balance between these two characteristics is the trademark for which CZ Woodworking is recognized. Form cannot exist without function, nor can function without form, as they become codependent elements that work together to create beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind pieces. Each custom piece not only showcases aesthetically unique features, but also emphasizes the practical functionality of that piece within the home or business. Our goal is to bring an artistic approach to woodworking, while maintaining that essential balance. This is what distinguishes our work from others and it is the foundation of every design. Please view our portfolio for examples of our work.

Sustainable Woodworking

Taking a green approach to woodworking is certainly very important for both the environment and for our customers alike. After years of working in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Chris developed a strong foundation and understanding of the need to sustain our environment by being consciously and actively aware of what we use and how we use it. Whenever possible, we implement sustainable woodworking practices into the shop by locally sourcing materials in order to reduce transportation and energy costs, which helps to minimize our carbon footprint overall. The practice of repurposing materials allows us to reduce our waste by taking reclaimed barn-wood or used pallet-wood that would otherwise be left to waste and incorporates it into our work wherever we can. The conservation of energy is also attained through traditional woodworking practices that are done by hand, which helps to reduce our overall use of power and energy. Hand sanding, hand chiseling, hand carving and hand finishing are just a few of the ways that allow us to minimize our use of power tools. Working in naturally lit settings and minimizing heating and cooling usage throughout the seasons – we just bundle up if needed – also diminish our overall use of energy.

Customer Service

CZ Woodworking operates with a small business mindset, putting the customer at the forefront of our operations. We focus on each project with customer service as a priority and give every client the time and attention that they deserve. Warm hospitality and attention to detail allow us to ensure that we are giving our customers exactly what they want. Our extensive services include every aspect of the job from start to finish. Chris works with each customer’s individual needs by designing a custom blueprint for each specific project based on your space, style and budget. We source the necessary material, handcraft the work in our local shop, and then deliver and install the item directly to the customer if and when requested. We are there every step of the way and are absolutely hands-on throughout the process, working with the customer in every way possible to ensure that their expectations are not only met, but also exceeded.

Examples of Products

Built-Ins, Dining Tables, Farmhouse Tables, Chef’s Tables, Coffee Tables, Cabinets, Hutches, Indoor Bars, Mantels, Bed Frames, Offices and Libraries, Walk-In Closets, Dining Benches, Vanities, Breakfast Benches, Entertainment Centers, Wine Storage Units and almost anything else that our customers can vision for their home or business. The possibilities are limitless, as CZ Woodworking uses a creative edge to make any vision a reality for our customers. If you can envision it, we would love to build it!

Product Costs

As each individual piece is custom designed to reflect our customers’ needs, our pricing varies and will reflect that specific project. If you would like to inquire further, please fill out our questionnaire to start customizing your next project and to obtain an initial quote!

Thank you for your interest in CZ Woodworking!