Custom Designs by CZ Woodworking

Custom Designs by CZ Woodworking

Each project starts with an idea. A basic concept that eventually evolves into a 2-dimensional design. A rendering that becomes the blueprint from which we base our initial work on. We believe that the finished product is just as important as the initial design, and we take the time on each project to create a blueprint that is specific to your space and style. We then source the necessary material, handcraft the work in our artisan shop, and finally deliver and install the piece (or pieces) directly to your home or place of business. We are there every step of the way and are absolutely hands-on throughout the process, working with the customer in every way possible to ensure that their expectations are not only met, but also exceeded.


Contact [email protected] or fill out our “Customize Questionnaire” to get a custom project design of your own in the works.




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Chris Zumpano

Chris Zumpano is the owner/operator of CZ Woodworking ( - a locally operated artisan workshop that focuses on handcrafted, custom-made furniture, built-ins, cabinetry and woodworking for the home, office or business. Chris and his wife Amy reside in Glen Mills, PA with their baby girl Lyla Jane.

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